This was a page that gave the first person to find it a free CD. The winner was a fellow named Chris Chadwick (I think). However, my computer crashed and I lost his e-mail address and the page, so I'm not really sure whether any of this is really true, or if it was just a dream.

If I recall, Mr. Chadwick is, coincidentally, a friend of Wes, our bass player. This does not disqualify him for the free CD because I didn't bother to tell anyone (even the band) that I had offered it on this page. Therefore, will the real Mr. Chadwick please stand up!

If you are not the real Mr. Chadwick, I'll know (because he's a friend of my brother Wes ... duh!)

Otherwise, thanks for viewing our site.

T.C. from Noisepie

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